Radiation Treatments and Infusion Treatments in Lancaster/Palmdale, California

With three locations to serve you, Antelope Valley Cancer Center provides an array of cancer treatment options, including radiation and infusion treatments. Our cancer treatment center offers patients and their families a supportive environment during their time of need.

Antelope Valley Cancer Center offers a wide selection of cancer treatment options, including:

Medical Oncology/Hematology

Physicians are available for consultations, second opinions, treatment, and follow-up care. A.V. Cancer Center offers a wide range of chemotherapeutic and hormonal treatment options for all primary and secondary tumors. This involves a selection of an individualized protocol/regimen appropriate to each patient's tumor, stage, age, and personal health.

Radiation Oncology

True Beam I, Antelope Valley Cancer Center, Ridgecrest CA
True Beam II, Antelope Valley Cancer Center, Ridgecrest CA
When appropriate, A.V. Cancer Center provides radiation treatment of primary and secondary tumors, using external beam radiation therapy or interstitial brachytherapy. In keeping with our commitment to provide the highest standard of patient care and to maintaining state-of-the-art capabilities, we use advanced radiotherapy and IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy).

This machine is outfitted with a 120-leaf multileaf collimator that shapes the beam of radiation so it conforms to the three-dimensional shape of a tumor. With IMRT, radiation oncologists can divide each treatment field into hundreds of small segments. Using a dynamic multileaf collimator to shape the beam and control exposure times, physicians can modulate the dose intensity across the treatment field, delivering a different dose to each segment.

In this way, either the dose to the tumor can be escalated or it can be reduced wherever healthy, critical structures are in the beam's path. IMRT uses 3D imaging and a special inverse treatment planning technique to plan and deliver treatments with dose distributions that are far more conformal than those possible with earlier forms of radiotherapy.

This enables clinicians to use radiation to treat areas that would once have been considered too risky, including tumors very close to or wrapped around critical organs. It also allows the oncologist to prescribe a much higher dose to the tumor while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Infusion Center

A.V. Cancer Center is committed to the continued improvement of patient care with our Infusion Center where chemotherapy is prepared and administered to our patients. The Infusion Center has some of the finest quality equipment available to treat our patients. The nursing Staff has the highest level of training in chemotherapy treatment and uses the newest protocols available. The Infusion Center performs a variety of duties, including patient assessments, starting IVs, mixing and administering chemotherapy and instructing our patients and their families in cancer education. In addition, our employees work with other organizations such as the American Cancer Society to promote cancer awareness as well as prevention.

Clinical Research Studies

When appropriate, A.V. Cancer Center offers referrals, for anemia, advanced breast cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer, all approved by the FDA and administered by our Oncology Certified Registered Nurses.
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